Power Generation – Overview


FACT: Electricity is key to economic growth and prosperity

PROBLEM: Emerging economies are routinely stalled and suffer due to insufficient and unreliable power

On the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, business plans are only as final as the next electricity outage permits. In July, food tins at the Prime Pak Canning factory were positioned on the assembly line, ready to be sealed before export. Without warning, the machines came to a screeching halt, leaving entrepreneur Cyril Francis standing helplessly in the dark. Thirty percent of the consignment spoiled.

“The worst part is not knowing when the blackouts will hit. When you least expect it, everything comes to a standstill,” Mr. Francis told Africa Renewal from his factory in Dodowa, on the fringes of Ghana’s capital. “It is so frustrating and damaging to business production, not to mention our reputation with people who depend on us to deliver orders on time.” [Africa Recovery, United Nations]

Having access to reliable and affordable electricity is a basic necessity to growing economies whether in Accra, Ghana or Athens, Greece. When blackouts are routine, there is no activity after the sun sets. Businesses stop, workers are jobless, children stop reading and the whole community suffers.

SOLUTION: CAI’s Spirit line of smart power generation systems

Developed in-house, CAI’s innovative Spirit line of gas turbine based electricity generation solutions have set new standards in overall performance, connectivity, power quality and value. It provides solutions for blackouts and brownouts with continuous and reliable electricity not only for cities and infrastructure building, but also for micro-grid and the most remote corners of the world. CAI’s power plants are enabling thousands of families and businesses to thrive in an otherwise desolate situation. Having electricity raises the standard of living and builds prosperity.

Outstanding Features of the Spirit Line:

  • The four versatile systems in the Spirit line are all containerized modular power plants that provide 24-7 power.
  • Each system offers a high level of flexibility in fuel sources and applications.
  • Spirits are ideal for fast-track deployment to meet all electricity needs.
  • All Spirits are available in 50Hz or 60Hz applications and are modular designed for easy installation, maintenance and service.
  • They can be configured to generate power using process gases, low quality fuels and waste materials thus contributing to the reduction of global warming’s harmful effects.