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CAI is a leader in renewable green power and power generation using alternate fuel sources such as:
• Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
• Waste-to-Energy
• Biomass
• Geothermal
• Use of Advanced Technologies for Emission Control Retrofit & Carbon Capture

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Combustion Associates, Inc. (CAI), today announced that Heliogen, Inc. (Heliogen), a leading provider of AI-enabled concentrated solar energy, has selected CAI to support Heliogen in its mission to decarbonize major industrial operations with concentrated sunlight. The collaboration focuses on the design and build of the sCO2 test facility that can be used to power industrial facilities, data centers, and mining operations. It will be built and tested at CAI’s manufacturing facility in Corona, California. See Press Release [...] Read more...
The 10 MW Combined Heat and Power Plant that Schneider Electric awarded to CAI in April 2021 is nearing completion. The power plant is located on the U.S. Yokota Air Base in Japan. CAI was equipment supplier and integrator to Schneider Electric, the prime contractor. This infrastructure improvement project is part of the U.S. Government’s Energy Savings PerformanceContracts (ESPC). It includes Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) which offers resiliency, reliability and sustainability to this mission-critical facility. The new power source and microgrid controls are designed to relieve the base’s dependency ontraditional sources of electric power. CAI’s Scope: Furnish and Deliver:Natural-gas fired engine generators | Qty: 4Packaged electric control module  | Qty:1Heat Recovery Steam Generator | Qty: 1 Provide interface and technical support services connecting the reciprocating generator package to the Packaged Electrical Control Module Delivery to Yokota Air BaseOn-site technical support for:InstallationStartupCommissioning Training [...] Read more...
CAI recently signed an agency agreement to partner with Contracting and Marine Services Company S.A.K. (CMS) based in Kuwait for the sale of its power generation systems and services to customers in Kuwait and the Middle East region. This agreement gives CMS exclusive rights to sell CAI products and services in Kuwait and for the rest of the GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, the rights to sell on a non-exclusive basis. Governments in Kuwait and the Middle East are courting outside investors to fund several power projects that are in the pipeline. CAI’s Spirit™ line of gas turbine driven power generators could be ideal for their requirements. The Spirits™ are versatile power generation packages that come in units of 1 MW, 2 MW, 3.5 MW, 5MW, 6-7 MW, 12 MW and 16 MW. CAI is a preferred packager of reputed gas turbine manufacturers, including Siemens, MAN Energy Systems and Baker Hughes. Kuwait is a leading oil producer in the Middle East and fuel is plentiful in the region to support power plants. CMS, established in 1973, in Kuwait, provides turn-key solutions, services, technologies and products for Oil & Gas, Electricity, Power, Water, Infrastructure and Marine Industries. It also provides local representation / sponsorships to a multitude of international and regional companies toward a common goal in Kuwait. “Having a representative such as CMS gives us a strong local representation in this market that is very active in the power sector,” said CAI President Ms. Kusum Kavia. “With CMS’ market intel and existing strategic partnerships and joint ventures, we hope to quickly establish a presence there.” [...] Read more...

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