LPG Vaporizer

Location Belize
Customer Belize Natural Energy (BNE)
Units Qty: 1

Project Summary

Combustion Associates, Inc. (CAI) supplied our Spirit 1 MW gas turbine power generation system to BNE. However, BNE was faced with a shortage of crude oil to process Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) into propane and methane for use in the Spirit™ 1 MW unit. In order to curb this, CAI designed and manufactured an LPG system to vaporize the LPG into its gaseous form and feed into the Spirit™ 1 MW units.

CAI installed a complete LPG Vaporizer System taking gas from the BNE supplied storage tank with a capacity of 12,000 gallons, and operating in parallel with the existing gas line. The LPG vaporizer system was sized to operate the unit independently without the plant gas fuel. It assists in maintaining a pressure of 140 psi when production of APG is low. The pump and vaporizer are activated once the fuel pressure drops below 120 psi. Each fuel line has a check valve downstream of their respective flow control valve and a level switch is installed on the LP gas tank.

Summary Scope of Work:

  • Engineering of the vaporizer and piping routes, structural analysis and developing drawings
  • Procurement of system components including instrumentation and propane storage tanks
  • Fabrication of the vaporizer unit
  • Painting, assembly and wiring
  • Factory Acceptance Testing and shipping
  • Start-up and commissioning

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Testing
  • Start up and commissioning