Auxiliary Systems



CAI’s modular Auxiliary Systems serve many industries from municipalities to public and private corporations.

CAI has invested thousands of hours in research and development to ensure that its auxiliary solutions are engineered to the highest quality and performance.

They are built in CAI’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility and are mounted on structural steel bases for easy and safe transport to the client’s facility. The modular concept reduces installation time and field costs offering financial and risk-mitigation benefits to the end-users.

In the last decade, CAI’s efforts have become more concentrated in providing auxiliary systems to the energy, power, oil and gas, and LPG industries. Due to the complex and “safety-first” nature of these plants and the high volume of equipment required to pump, filter and process oil and natural gas, the massive plants often require additional equipment to help expedite and ease the process.

CAI has developed multiple skid based solutions to be utilized specifically for these types of projects. However, CAI can build these auxiliary systems for small scale plants as well.