CAI Integrated 10 MW CHP Plant Nearing Completion

The 10 MW Combined Heat and Power Plant that Schneider Electric awarded to CAI in April 2021 is nearing completion.

Yokoto 10 MW CHP Plant

The power plant is located on the U.S. Yokota Air Base in Japan.

CAI was equipment supplier and integrator to Schneider Electric, the prime contractor.

This infrastructure improvement project is part of the U.S. Government’s Energy Savings Performance
Contracts (ESPC). It includes Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) which offers resiliency, reliability and sustainability to this mission-critical facility.

The new power source and microgrid controls are designed to relieve the base’s dependency on
traditional sources of electric power.

CAI’s Scope:

  • Furnish and Deliver:
    • Natural-gas fired engine generators | Qty: 4
    • Packaged electric control module  | Qty:1
    • Heat Recovery Steam Generator | Qty: 1

    • Provide interface and technical support services connecting the reciprocating generator

package to the Packaged Electrical Control Module

  • Delivery to Yokota Air Base
    • On-site technical support for:
    • Installation
    • Startup
    • Commissioning

    • Training