CAI is Official Packager of Vericor Industrial Gas Turbines

California based Combustion Associates Inc. (CAI) is pleased to announce its recent signing of a CAI-Vericor Packaging Agreement. This Agreement will allow CAI to package Vericor’s gas turbines into complete power generation systems for use here in the US and for overseas emerging markets where electricity is in short supply and high demand. Vericor has granted CAI exclusive rights for sale, distribution and maintenance support for the African continent and non-exclusive rights for the Americas

CAI will specifically package Vericor’s ASE40 and ASE50 gas turbines and market them as CAI Spirit™3 MW and CAI Spirit™3.5 MW packaged power generation systems. The Spirit™ is CAI’s in-house developed line of gas turbine based modular power generation solutions. They are available in 1 MW, 2 MW, 6MW, 8MW, 10 MW, 12 MW and now 3 MW and 3.5 MW sizes as both stationary and mobile, trailer-mounted, units

Both Vericor turbines operate on natural gas and liquid fuels. Spirit™3 and 3.5, like other units in this line, shall be low emission-high efficiency solutions, much desired in the global market today. Both models will also be ideal for simple cycle, combined cycle and combined heat and power applications functioning at 75-80% overall efficiency.

About Vericor
Vericor, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a manufacturer of aero-derivative marine and industrial gas turbines. Its products are military certified and designed to operate in the harshest of environmental conditions. Industrial versions of these turbines are used in a variety of power generation applications, and mechanical drive applications driving compressors and hydraulic fracturing pumps. Vericor is a full-service gas turbine OEM with an installed base of over 1000 gas turbines operating around the globe.

Vericor is a wholly owned subsidiary of German company MTU Aero Engines, a $5B per year company that has over 11,000 employees in 15 locations worldwide.

Richard Clinton, President of Vericor, said: “CAI is a well-recognized industry leader in packaging and selling small to medium size gas turbines in a wide variety of applications. Their solutions are well designed, workmanship is of the highest quality and pricing is very competitive, making their line of Spirit™ products one of the best values in the industry. We are excited to be working with them.”

About CAI
CAI has been serving industrial and government clients in the U.S. and internationally for over 30 years and specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and packaging of cost-effective and energy-efficient gas turbine power generation systems and complex process systems. The company’s signature product is the Spirit™ line of 1MW – 12 MW gas turbine generators. These modular, skid-mounted and trailer-mounted units, employ plug-n-play capabilities that are ideal for easy, on-site power generation or connection to the grid.

Kusum Kavia, President of CAI stated: “We are extremely happy and honored to join hands with Vericor on this venture. With the exceptional quality and performance of their turbines, it’s a great fit for both companies and addresses the on-site distributed power needs of our clients.”