Caustic Evaporator Skids

CAI’s Caustic Evaporator Skid is a unique chemical process system in size, complexity and capability.

Caustic evaporators serve the important function of converting caustic soda to bleach that is used for water purification especially in chemical industries.

CAI’s equipment is a modular, two-story skid-mounted chemical processor, consisting of two effect evaporator systems with piping, valves, and instrumentation. This was the first of its kind system to be used in the U.S.A.

When fabricating it for the first time, CAI faced three challenges: Innovating, since there were no previous designs to follow, meeting the tight deadline for completion, and staying within the budget.

Team CAI effectively coordinated the structural engineering with the end-use needs of the customer ensuring that the modular system would operate correctly, maintain the structural integrity of the existing plant, deliver expected results and meet California seismic and environmental codes. Company staff also created and followed a detailed project schedule to deliver the system on time. In short, CAI successfully met all challenges. This skid has served as a prototype for many other large-scale projects that the Company has designed and fabricated since.

Summary Scope of Work:

Design & Engineering:

  • Engineering design of a modular steel structure optimized for assembly in factory as well as disassembly consistent with California transportation laws.
  • Structural engineering necessary to define foundation load and seismic integrity.
  • Calculations of complete steel structure to support load bearing design and engineering
  • Electrical, mechanical, piping and controls
  • Engineering advice and support for transporting the steel structure to the site.

Steel Structure Fabrication and Assembly:

  • Procuring materials for steel structure fabrication
  • Fabricating and assembling the two-story steel structure
  • Mounting equipment to steel structures and fabricating vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, coolers, etc.

Pipe Spool Fabrication, Assembly and Testing

Disassembly and preparation for shipping

Providing insulation service for the evaporator system.

Providing on-site supervising for re-assembly in the field.

Caustic Evaporation Skid
Built for California, USA operation