Chemical Processing System

Location California, USA
Customer Alfa Level
Units Qty: 1

Project Summary

Combustion Associates, Inc. (CAI) worked with Alfa Laval on building a 2-Story Caustic Evaporator Skid Package for Molycorp’s Mountain Pass, California location. CAI engineered, designed, fabricated, assembled, tested, and shipped the custom-built skid. The project consisted of two effect evaporator systems with piping, valves, vessels, and instrumentation on a 27’ long by 12’ wide steel structure.

There were two main challenges to this project. The first challenge was this project was the first modular caustic evaporator system on its kind.  There was no previous road map to follow.  This unit was to be the prototype for subsequent similar projects to follow.

The second challenge was that this project was set on a fast-track to completion. CAI created a detailed schedule to ensure the project was on track to meet the customer’s delivery timeline. CAI spent extensive time coordinating structural engineering to ensure that the modular system would operate correctly with structural integrity meeting California seismic codes.

Summary Scope of Work:

  • Complete fabrication of a two-story steel structure
  • Fabricate carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel piping spool for assembly
  • Assemble the entire evaporator system which included coolers, pumps, tanks, vessels, piping and instruments, etc.
  • Install electrical system which included lighting, junction box, heat tracing, control and power cable to all the pumps, etc.
  • Advise and provide insulation service for the evaporator system
  • Make entire unit modular in nature, for quick field installation and shipping purposes
  • Disassemble by shipping deadline
  • Provide on-site supervising for the evaporator re-assembly in the field

Services Provided

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Onsite supervision of re-assembly and installing