Environmental Control Skids

environmental control skids

Custom Built for US Government

CAI was awarded the contract to design and fabricate multiple Environmental Control Skids from the U.S. Navy through an open solicitation process. CAI is a U.S. Government certified contractor and has supplied major process systems and other equipment to different agencies of the Federal Government including Department of Defense.

The Skids are fully assembled and hydrostatically tested portable, heating and cooling units. CAI engineered, designed and built them to Navy specifications for outdoor installation and to withstand the high-abuse, marine, industrial environment in which they will be operated at a Naval Shipyard in US.

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Environmental control skids are designed to provide heating and cooling by utilizing steam and chilled water within one assembly. They are to be utilized in both summer and winter seasons to condition 100% weather air supplied for personnel comfort in industrial areas of the shipyard.


The equipment was delivered as complete assemblies with the following characteristics:

  • Steel-skid mounted systems – rugged, reliable and portable
  • Fully assembled environmental control units
  • Core components: Steam coil and cooling coil
  • Non-corrosive: Corrosion control coatings to withstand marine environment

CAI Summary Scope of Work:

  • Design and Engineering services provided per US Government specifications
  • Design of the heating and cooling coils
  • Manufacturing of the skids
  • Design and manufacturing of the interconnecting piping
  • Complete system integration
  • Design and integration of the lifting lugs.
  • Testing, packaging, shipping and technical manuals

Having the engineering, manufacturing and testing all under one roof at CAI ensured that quality was not compromised, and the project remained cost-effective. CAI has over three decades of experience in providing customized engineered systems and solutions to all process industries. Our expertise is in making industrial systems modular and easy to operate and maintain.

Prior Work Experience with U.S. Federal Government:

Over the last 30+ years, CAI has provided custom engineered, design and skid-mounted equipment systems manufacturing and services to many agencies of the U.S. Government. A few are listed below:

  • U.S. Navy: Environmental Control Skids
  • U.S. Navy: Recirculation Skids
  • U.S. Army: Over 700 Hot Water Heaters for which CAI won the US Department of Defense Supplier of the Year Award for 100% on-time delivery and 100% quality control.
  • U.S. State Department: Dual-wall fuel storage tanks
  • U.S. Air Force: Fire Suppression Skid System
  • Design and integration of the lifting lugs.
  • U.S. Navy: H2/N2 Purge Enclosures



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