Environmental Solutions – Overview

FACT: Keeping emissions under control equals survival of our future generations

PROBLEM: Meeting emission requirements

In developed and many developing countries, governments require industries to meet stringent emissions laws in an effort to reduce global warming and greenhouse gases known to damage our environment and public health. The focus is on establishing industries that meet health-based air quality standards.

Even though industries recognize the importance of minimizing emissions, achieving regulatory compliance is a major challenge while maintaining necessary output levels for profitability.

SOLUTION: CAI’s environmental systems – controlling emissions through combustion modification

CAI’s Low NOx burner retrofits reduce particulates of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) to meet regulatory (South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California) guidelines. The Low NOx burners, flue gas recirculation systems, boilers, and hot water heaters are custom designed and produced for the customer’s exact project requirements.

CAI’s Ammonia Injection Grids, Ammonia Vaporization Systems and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems are also designed and built to comply with strict power plant emission control requirements. These air-pollution control systems are used on boilers, fossil-fueled power plants, internal combustion engines for power generation, and process heater applications.

CAI can custom design systems to meet your needs.