Featured Product: CAI’s Desuperheater Skid

Ultimate Solution for Accurate Steam Temperature Control.

CAI recently designed and manufactured a desuperheater for a multinational company focused on the oil, gas and chemical, and power and process industries. Over the years, CAI has built this very vital skid mounted process system for several refineries based both in the United States and in overseas markets.

A desuperheater is an assembly that is used for reducing the temperature of high pressure and high temperature steam, which is generated during certain industrial processes, without altering its state. The temperature of the steam is lowered to the level that is required for processes such as heating and other industrial uses.

The main benefits of lowering the steam temperature are:

  • To allow the downstream process systems, which are designed for lower temperatures, to operate, and
  • To keep the temperature constant for processes that need accurate temperature control.

When water is injected into the desuperheater, it evaporates by absorbing heat from the superheated steam. As a result, the temperature of the steam is lowered. This steam is then used for secondary processes which require precise steam temperature at their heat source.

CAI’s desuperheaters have the following features:

  • Pressure Range: 150psi-1050psi
  • Temperature range: 200 degrees Fahrenheit – 850 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Area Classification: Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Material: Carbon steel, chrome alloy and stainless steel
  • Quality: ASME standards
  • Scope: CAI’s desuperheater package is skid mounted for easy mobility and includes full control system with instrumentation that continuously monitors steam and automatically adjusts its temperature.

A desuperheater is one of numerous process systems in CAI’s portfolio of products. The Company has developed multiple skid-based systems that address diverse needs of clients. These modular, high-efficiency solutions are designed for process optimization, greater productivity, stable and safe operation, and enhanced profitability.