Fuel Metering, Delivery & Conditioning Skids



CAI’s skids are built with the combination of the best technology, are environmentally safe, and are designed to meet all regulatory and environmental standards.

CAI skids are engineered for each unique application and offer an array of advantages. The company has expertise with a wide range of fuels from natural gas to heavy fuel oil.

With in-house capabilities from Engineering, Fabrication, Testing, On-Site Installation, Commissioning and After-Service. CAI can design and fabricate diverse skids including:

  • Fuel Injection Skid
  • Fuel Metering/Regulation Skid
  • Fuel Conditioning Skid
  • Fuel Pump Skid

CAI’s Custom Skids offer the following benefits:

  • Full utilization of the customer’s available footprint
  • Engineered for specific application
  • Capable of integrating the control system with customer’s existing system
  • Designed for easy of maintenance
  • Complete in-house testing prior to shipping
  • Easy field installation and minimum start-up time

All skids are engineered within industry standards and additional standards required under specific applications.

Skids are delivered with complete control and electrical wiring, and packaged in a special case. Custom in-house cable plugs are provided to avoid field wiring and point to point testing in the field

These customized skids, built to suit specific applications, results in optimum capability and performance at a competitive price.