Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) – Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CAI’s custom built HRSG’s are economical, energy efficient systems that can save up to 50% on annual water heating costs.

HRSG turns waste heat or hot air into hot water. CAI’s packaged HRSG’s provide significant fuel utilization by capturing waste heat to generate hot water or steam to serve process heating requirements. They provide accurate delivery temperature up to 750°F at virtually atmospheric pressure in process heating applications.

Compact, finned tube type gas to liquid heat exchanger with vertical or horizontal gas flow configuration can be easily installed in any site condition. Accessible openings on the side panels make inspection and maintenance easy.

Thermal fluid flows through the HRSG’s coil eliminating the possibility of vapor lock or short circuiting the fluid. At all times, all equipment in the heating system, including the HRSG and the process users, are exposed to atmospheric pressure via expansion tank. Therefore, HRSG tubes are not subjected to excessive pressure. The only pressure exerted on the tubes is to move the liquid around. Pressurized systems are also available for special applications.

Typical HRSG applications include process heating / cooling in the plant, master process heating system to minimize fuel usage in other parts of the plant, moisture removal system for fuel gas conditioning, Gas Turbine Recuperation System and Air Intake Cooling System.