Low Nox Burners


CAI Low NOx Burners are specifically designed to reduce air pollution without compromising efficiency or effectiveness of industrial equipment.

NOx burners are mostly used for commercial and industrial boilers, process furnaces and fired -heater applications to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide gases.

Combination of technology and research over the past two decades has led to an ideal Low NOx burner technology: NOx emissions are reduced not only from natural gas and propane but also from low nitrogen fuel oil without any steam or water injection. NOx reductions are achieved by using internal recirculation flows created through venture effects. This reduced reaction time prevents the creation of hot adiabatic flame zone.

CAI’s Low NOx technology emphasizes stable combustion and low emissions that ensures outstanding performance from the burners. The hardware is designed to satisfy combustion process requirements.

Enhanced Features of CAI Burners:

  • Exclusive firing heat produces maximum controlled efficiency
  • Combustion air fan design provides quiet straight line metered air flow
  • Constant displacement of fuel metering system
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Microprocessor based burner management system