Lube Oil Skids – Balance of Plant

CAI’s Lube Oil Skids is a must-have equipment that keeps process machinery and power generating system lubricated and running smoothly.

CAI not only built the comprehensive auxiliary component shown in the photos above in its fabrication facility, but also conducted quality oversight, safety feature incorporation and all the necessary pressure, hydro and loop tests in-house.

The Auxiliary Lube Oil System provides critical lubrication and cooling to the prime mover of the aero-derivative gas turbine system. Lube oil systems are utilized in rotating process equipment to lubricate and cool hydrodynamic bearings. These systems are essential to the life and maintenance free operation of the process and power equipment.

The system has three basic purposes:

  • Dissipate or settle contaminants
  • Store a prescribed amount of oil and provide for rundown capacities
  • Provide for temperature fluctuations, expansion volumes, location for heating, and oil purifier connections