Power Generation – Gas Turbine Generators

CAI provides custom-engineered gas turbine power generation systems, from 1 MW to 25 MW each module, that can operate on multiple fuels, including low quality flare gas and syngas, for 24/7 power applications. Ideal usage of these rugged units are in agro-businesses, factories, industrial parks, oil/gas processing facilities, landfills, mining, waste water, and other public and private institutions.

CAI’s in-house developed Spirit™ line of power generation packages offer customers a cost-competitive, highly efficient power generation system backed by high reliability that can also be utilized to generate steam for heating and cooling applications. These units are ideal for scaling up as your energy needs grow. All modules are “plug-n’play” for easy installation and commissioning.

CAI Spirit Power Generation Systems

Capacity and Applications:

Spirit™ Power
Offshore Power
Waste-to-Energy Combined Heat & Power Mech.
1 MW
2 MW
3-3.5 MW
5 MW
6-7 MW
12 MW
16 MW

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular Plug-n-Play
    Easy and low cost shipping with rapid installation and commissioning
  • Fuel Flexibility
    Can operate on a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels, including but not limited to: Diesel #2, Bio-Diesel, LPG, LNG, Syngas, Natural Gas, Flare Gas, Associated Petroleum Gas, low BTU gas
  • Co-Generation and Tri-Generation
    High fuel efficiency that meets the power and thermal requirements while optimizing customer operations and
    cost savings. All CAI Spirit units can be designed with Heat Recovery Steam Generation systems (HRSG) for customer heating and cooling needs.
  • Compact Design
    Small footprint for added space savings
  • Long Intervals Between Maintenance Cycles
    All Spirit units are workhorses that run 24/7, provide high reliability with increased uptime and reduced opex/lifecycle cost
  • Code Compliance
    Customizable to meet ATEX (Class I, Div. I/II, NEC (Zone 1/2)

Customization for Industrial Solutions

The Spirit™ power generation systems can be modified for the following industrial processes for additional cost-efficiency and optimization:

CAI Offers:

  • Turn-Key” Services: All engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning and customer training under one roof.
  • Wide expertise in all power and process related engineering disciplines with diverse project portfolios.
  • Three decades of successful experience working with small and large domestic and international client base

EPC Providers:

CAI has built many power projects from start to finish or “greenfield” to “turn-key” as engineering, procurement and construction provider. Its complete range of capabilities include the prime mover to all balance of plant equipment such as fuel, oil, and water delivery systems, fire protection, central control rooms, switchyards, transformers, energy and fuel storage systems.

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