Powering Offshore Platforms

Location Cameroon (W. Africa)
Customer Addax Petroleum
Size 6 MW
Power Generator Units Spirit™1 | Qty: 6 units

Project Summary

Apart from providing land-based power generation equipment and services, CAI also manufactures off-shore power generation systems.

CAI designed and built six units of its Spirit™ 1 MW power generators to power the customer’s oil-drilling platforms off the coast of Cameroon. The units were customized for marine environment and also to meet specific client requirements including:

  • Stainless Steel Acoustic Enclosure
  • Corrosion Proof and Marine Environment Engineered
  • Hazardous Area Classified
  • Weather Proofed for Marine Conditions
  • Fire Protection and Suppression Systems Designed for Offshore Applications
  • Small Footprint Perfect for Limited Space on Offshore Platforms
  • Turbine Wash Cart integrated into the balance of plant equipment for aero-derivative engine maintenance.

Services Provided

  • Manufacturing
  • Installation on three offshore platforms
  • Commissioning
  • Training of local staff in operation and general maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • After-service