Products Overview


   Government and Public Sectors
•   Independent Power Producers
   Emergency Power
   Offshore Platforms
   Food and Beverage
•   Industrial Parks
   City Infrastructures
   Mining and Mineral Extraction

   Cement Factories
   Fertilizer Plants
   Oil and Gas
   Pulp and Paper
   Waste Treatment

Multiple Fuel Options

   Natural Gas
   Diesel # 2
•   Propane
•   LNG
   Food and Beverage

•    Bio Fuel
•    Palm Oil

MW System Applications Include

Base Load (24-7 uninterrupted power)
Distributed Power
Combined Heat and Power
Co-generation and Tri-generation
Stand-By Emergency

Package Benefits

   ISO Container Design
   Small Footprint
   High Reliability
   Long Intervals Between maintenance
   Dual Fuel Option

CAI specializes in Distributed "On-Site" Power Generation (DG). Since the electricity is generated very close to where it is used, DG reduces the amount of energy that is lost in transmitting electricity. DG also reduces the size and number of power lines that must be constructed, thereby proving itself to be very cost-effective too.

CAI packaged power plants provide reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly DG power to meet:

Increasing demands
Reduce peak operating costs
Enhance energy security
Improve reliability of electric power generation