Project Financing


CAI offers full project financing through its partnership with reputed lending companies in our drive to facilitate growth. This service provides buyers an alternate form of credit at highly competitive interest rates.

Our financing partner is an international commercial lending company with more than 15 years of experience and specializes in providing financing solutions to emerging market buyers of US-manufactured and exported capital goods. They work with manufactures and purchasers, distributors and intermediaries, banks and insurance brokers.

They are active on five continents, and across a diverse range of economic sectors.

How we finance your purchase/project:

  • The minimum loan amount is $250,000, up to $300 million+. The maximum depends on the financial strength of the borrower or guarantor.
  • The loan amount can be up to 85% of the US (CAI’s) export contract value.
  • Additional finance of up to 30% of the value of the US (CAI) exports is available for local costs incurred in the borrower’s country that relate to the U.S. exporter’s (CAI’s) scope of work (such as installation, integration, etc.). Local Costs include services and other expenses – such as VAT, customs clearance and inland freight.
  • Loan drawdown period: this is flexible, and depends on the type of equipment or project
  • Loan repayment term: 2 to 18 years, depending on the size and type of the transaction.
  • First payment date: 6 months after shipment of the equipment, or completion of installation.
  • Variable and fixed interest rates available



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