Spirit™ 16 – Gas Turbine Power Generation System


Spirit 16 Overview:

CAI Spirit™ 16 MW Power Generation Systems utilize the highly efficient single shaft Baker Hughes NovaLT™16 gas turbine generating 16.9 MW at ISO conditions (59°F/15°C, sea level, 60% relative humidity). The unit MW size fits well into CAI’s Spirit line of modular, skid-mounted industrial gas turbine-based power generation systems and is a popular choice of clients seeking reliable, 24/7 power.

Spirit™16 is capable of utilizing 100% hydrogen fuel as well as blending hydrogen and natural gas to generate power making it zero carbon / low carbon emission system, the preferred choice of industries today.

CAI Spirit 16 – Proven Performance

This package is available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz cycles. It is scalable to meet increases in power demand and multiple units can be synchronized to operate per customer power demand requirement.

CAI Spirit 16 can be integrated with Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) and chillers for Combined Heat and Power applications and Combined Heating, Cooling & Power tri-generation applications as well as combined cycle for additional electricity generation.

The NovaLT™16 gas turbine provides up to 36% electrical efficiency, up to 85% in combined heat and power (CHP), and it delivers high performance over a wide range of operations.

Emissions are among the lowest with NOx at 15 ppm

We also offer:

Combined Cycle: Gas turbine plus steam turbine applications with the following benefits:

  • Combined Cycle Solutions have high Electrical Efficiencies
  • High Flexibility in operation (Possibility to operate Gas Turbines in part load or just Steam Cycle if the Gas Turbines are shut down)
  • Combined Cycle solutions are reliable
  • Reduced NOx and CO2 Emissions
  • Short Payback time < 10 years

CAI Spirit™ 16 Package Dimensions:

  • Length: 51.2 feet | 15.6 meter
  • Width: 10.2 feet | 3.1 meter
  • Height: 13.5 feet | 4.1 meter
  • Weight: 114,650 lbs | 52,000 kg


GENERAL DESCRIPTION • 16 MW gas turbine power generation system
• Continuous duty cycle
• Skid-mounted modular design
GAS TURBINE Nova LT-16 Industrial Gas Turbine
FREQUENCY 50 Hz & 60 Hz
FUEL Natural gas, Dual fuel (natural gas & diesel), 100% Hydrogen blend
POWER ISO 16.9 MW | 16,900 kW
HEAT RATE 9,222 Btu/kWh | 9,730 KJ/kWh
EXHAUST GAS FLOW 119 lb/s |54 kg/s
FUEL PRESSURE 508-551 psi gas | 35-38 bar gas
NOx EMISSIONS ≤ 15 ppm
Length 76.5 feet | 23 meters
Width 40.5 feet | 12.3 meters
Height 30.5 feet | 9.3 meters
Weight 390,500 lbs | 177,128 kg

Standard Equipment

CAI Spirit™ 16 utilize a robust industrial turbine, coupled with a gearbox and generator. The three major components are mounted on a single base frame and the entire unit is supplied with an acoustic, sound-attenuated enclosure.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Generator
  • Gearbox
  • Couplings
  • Turbine and Gearbox Lubricating Oil Systems
  • Air Inlet System
  • Exhaust Flue Gas System
  • Package Enclosure
  • Generator Protection and Control Panel
  • Controls

Subsystems within the Spirit™ packages consist of the following:

  • Turbine start system,
  • Compressor wash system,
  • Fuel gas system,
  • Lube oil system,
  • Fire detection
  • Control room,
  • Turbine control system,
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR),
  • Motor control center (MCC),
  • UPS system, turbine air intake system with filter housing and silencer assembly,
  • Enclosure air filtration system and enclosure cooling air system


  • Anti-icing System
  • Fuel gas conditioning (cleanup) system
  • Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG)
  • Inlet cooling system
  • Offshore Design Package
  • SCADA system for remote monitoring and control
  • Secondary fuel type conversion kit
  • Trailer mounted, mobile version
  • Turbine Wash System
  • Winterization Package



  • High Efficiency Gas Turbine
  • Low Emission combustion chamber with low NOx values
  • Long major overhaul interval (60,000 Hours)
  • Short Installation & Commissioning Time
  • Dual Fuel Capability – Gas and Liquid
  • Capable of running on hydrogen fuel
  • Automatic switchover between fuels at load
  • High CHP Efficiency – up to ~90% (w/o supplementary firing, depending on process)
  • Single Source Responsibility: Sales, Production, Engineering, PM, Service, etc.
  • Modular Package ensures lower site installation costs and allows for local scope
  • World Class Service – Global After Sales Presence
  • Excellent part load behavior
  • Smaller footprint
  • High Reliability and longer life expectancy
  • Low operating costs
  • Operates on a wide variety of fuels.
  • Ideal for 24/7 continuous, reliable Power and CHP application
  • Easy to operate in remote locations



CAI products are Made in USA

Industries Served:

CAI’s Spirit line of gas turbine power generation systems serve diverse industries including agriculture, mining, off-grid, process industries and offshore platforms.
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Multiple Fuel Options:

Fuel-flexibility adds to the versatility of CAI’s systems. They can be operated with a range of fuels including natural gas, diesel, LPG, LNG, APG and flare gases.
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Distributed Generation and CHP are just two of the many applications of CAI’s Spirit line.
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Package Benefits:

Spirit systems are modular and compact. Check out the packages’ many benefits.
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Distributed Generation:

Spirit systems are ideal for generating power on site, very close to where it is used.
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