Spirit 4 – 4 MW Gas Turbine Power Generation System – Packaged Power Plant




CAI’s Spirit 4 MW gas Turbine Power Generation System is modular power on the go!

This system is a packaged power plant that incorporates the latest in proven design technology coupled with maximum reliability and component life to enable it to operate in harsh and remote environments.

The containerized, single unit module is used to produce electricity at the point of use in island mode or to generate power for connecting to the grid. It’s rugged, compact design offers robust performance.

This unit can be used for:

  • Producing both electricity and heating/cooling for a site in cogeneration application.
  • Fast-track deployment of generation capability to meet emergency or urgent electricity needs.
  • Providing on-site electricity generation for remote locations such as mines, rural areas, and offshore oil and gas drilling platforms.
  • Power generation in developing regions with weak or unstable grids.
  • Mechanical drive systems for gas compression, pumping and offshore oil/gas extraction applications.

The “Plug-n-Play” packaging enables easy transportation and reduces installation time and costs. Installing multiple smaller units gives added flexibility and higher availability of power during maintenance and overhauls.


  • Available in 50 and 60 Hz cycles.
  • Trailer mounted, mobile version available.
  • Longer time in-between overhauls.
  • High operating efficiency.
  • Compact, integrated system that is completely self-contained.
  • Factory tested. Comes with standard warranty.

Standard Equipment

CAI Spirit 4 MW Power Plant is ideal for distributed generation where the need for power is the highest. This unit provides high reliability, low life cycle cost and maximum operating flexibility.

Continuous Duty Package includes:

  • Aero-derivative Gas Turbine
  • Horizontal, Brushless and Synchronous Generator
  • Gearbox and Coupling
  • Start System
  • Fuel System
  • Control Room
  • Gas Turbine and Generator Lubricating Oil Systems
  • Air Inlet System
  • Soundproof Enclosure
  • Generator Protection and Control Panel
  • Battery Rack

The package is factory tested and comes with standard warranty

Optional Equipment & Service

  • Multiple Fuel Options: liquid or gaseous fuel capability
  • Automatic Fire Protection and Gas Detection system
  • SCADA remote monitoring system
  • Compressor Wash System
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG)
  • Black Start/Emergency Generator
  • Fuel Conditioning and Metering systems
  • Gas Compression Systems
  • Training and Maintenance
  • Spare Parts